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5 things to know about CONFIDENZ Halal glove

5 things to know about CONFIDENZ Halal glove

Kossan has launched it very first Halal glove in the market. In general, to certify a product as Halal, it must in compliance with Islamic law (Shariah), which is the core of the Halal certification. Halal assurance system (HAS) not only control the final products, from the very first stage, HAS started to infuse into the manufacturing process. From raw material until the delivery of final product, every single stage is strictly monitored in order to provide hygienic and safety products to the market.

There are 5 things that we need to know about CONFIDENZ Halal glove:

Raw material

All raw materials are being reviewed by competent personnel to ensure the raw materials used are meeting Halal standard requirements. In profound, they:-

  • Shall not contain any materials derived from animals that are not permissible and their descendants and derivatives;
  • Shall be safe to use and not harmful to health
  • Shall not contain Najs and shall not manufactured using equipment or materials that are contaminated with Najs.
  • Shall not contain human parts or their derivatives forbidden by Shariah law
  • Shall be separated from other goods that do not meet the Halal requirements during preparation, processing packaging, storage or transport.

Special note:

What is Najs?

  • Animals that are not permissible and their descendants and derivatives; 
  • Animals or articles that are contaminated by non-halal substances;    
  • Any liquid discharges from human beings or animals such as urine, blood, vomit and so on;
  • Animals that are not slaughtered according to Shariah law
  • Khamar and food or drink such as wine or any drinks that intoxicate


The production facility and equipment used are routinely cleaned and maintained to ensure hygienic condition. Additionally, the equipment used are confirmed to be free from sources of Najs, thus curbing possible contamination.


Our packing process is carried out in a clean and hygienic manner with sanitation condition. During packing, products are separated from any other goods that do not meet the Halal requirements and/or anything that decreed as Najs by Shariah Law.


Effort were exerted to ensure no mixing between raw materials/products with non-halal materials/sources or those with uncertain Halal status. This is implemented via stringent control at initial raw material purchase where only permitted raw ingredients are purchased and subsequent brought into entry. The warehouse are also routinely cleaned and maintained to avoid the materials, products and finished goods from contaminated with Najs.


As for transportation, we control were implemented to comply with the Halal requirements.

  • The transportation vehicles such as container or bonded truck shall be cleaned and free from contamination with Najs.
  • The cargo or vehicles do not use to transport non-halal products. And, must ensure product does not contaminate by non-halal materials during delivery.
  • It does not mix halal products with non-halal products in the same container and/or any other mode of transportation.
  • Ritual cleansing (sertu) shall be performed when contaminated with Najs.

The transport provider shall have transportation record and detection to keep track of shipment history.

Every process of our Halal glove is strictly controlled in accordance of Halal standard. It’s not confined to religious related matters but extends to products and services deemed safe for use or consumption and are of excellent quality.

CONFIDENZ Halal glove

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