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Welcome to E-SHIRUDO

Shirudo means shield, as a piece of highly protective equipment. We thrive to uphold the true meaning of Shirudo to users by not only providing our support with high quality protective products but also guiding users by our product specialist, the knowledge of protections offered through our products.

About Us


Our LOW DERMA™ enhanced nitrile gloves are clinically tested and labelled with LOW DERMATITIS potential claim by U.S FDA. With the LOW DERMA™ formula, no sulphur and chemical accelerators are added into the glove manufacturing process. It is also granted by Dermatest® with a '5-star guarantee seal' as it passes the long-term application tests in providing the maximum possible protection against skin sensitization.

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After-Purchase rewards and benefits are now available on E-SHIRUDO online store. Top tier spenders get to redeem vouchers and gifts with points earned. Take a look on more details about the rewards and benefits that you can get from E-SHIRUDO.

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Applicable For Various Occasions

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Delivering High Quality Products since 2011

We Manufacture

We SHIRUDO - A brand by Cleanera Malaysia Sdn Bhd (A subsidiary of KOSSAN Group). We manufacture and distribute premium disposable and examination gloves. Our gloves are ideal for the food and beverage (F&B), beauty, janitorial, lab and healthcare industries.

Our Clients

We Shirudo now have 2000+ customers from different industries, such as food manufacturer, supermarkets, electrical & electronic, hospitality, etc. We are delighted to offer consultation services to our customers based on their requirements. We strive to maintain long- run relationships with our customers through our services.

Quality Assurance

Our products are in line with the US FDA QSR (Quality Management System), ISO (International Standards Operations), and EN (European) standards. We are dedicated to offering our cherished clients high-quality products.

What Our Customers Say

A very reliable and helpful company. Their service is awesome and very prompt. Nice people to work with. Recommend them to everyone. Thank you.

Jack Tan

Great after sales service, patient answering some of my questions about certain product. Overall great shopping experience for me. Definitely recommended.

James Jones

Highly recommended. Very efficient service, friendly staff. Reasonable prices on over the store. Definitely will be purchasing again.

Judy Goh

Recommended for non medical purpose if intended for multiple times re-use. A pair can last at least 3 times re-use. I used this for low risk lab work. Second purchase from this seller. Thanks

Mandy Yang

Good product quality, good value for money, fast delivery and excellent service by seller. Bila pakai mmg fit, saiz S yg ni mcm kecik sikit dari yg biasa pernah beli tp yg ni tebal sedap pakai tak gatal tgn… mmg terbaik lah next time boleh repeat order


Always repeat ordered from this seller. Good quality product and I do ordered a few boxes also for my friends. Stay safe guys and follow sop.


Very fast delivery and I am satisfied with it. FYI I have tried wearing the gloves while handling some chemicals and it is not easily torn. Very recommend to those especially working in lab.


Great seller and awesome product! Super fast delivery, it only took one day for me to receive my order. The gloves are so comfortable and fit my hands perfectly! I love it that it’s powder free.. Thanks so much seller, will definitely come back for more!